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Ways to the Support the Elderly

When it comes to supporting the elderly, there are many ways you can help. Whether you are looking at ways you can support parents, grandparents, loved ones, friends and neighbours, there are little things you can do that can benefit the elderly in your life. From helping with their shopping to hiring home care help, this article will look at how you can support the elderly.

Ways to Support The Elderly

Help With Shopping

Elderly that have to walk or rely on public transport when they go for their shopping may struggle to carry heavier items, such as tinned foods and washing detergents. There are numerous ways you can help the elderly when it comes to shopping:

  • Offer to go shopping with them
  • Offer to get the shopping for them
  • Do online shopping for them

You’ve got to remember though that the elderly often like their routine, and going shopping is quite often part of the routine and helps them to maintain a sense of independence, as well as playing a part in the social activity as they are getting out the house and speaking to other people.

Check-in on Them

Sometimes all it takes a quick phone call to say hello and ask how they are that makes a huge difference. Whether you are passing their home and popping in, or giving them a call be sure to ask if they are ok and if they need anything while you are around.

Do Social Activities

Social activities can vary from board games to exercises class to simple walks in the park. The benefits of social activities are huge. Social activities can improve both physical and mental health. Encouraging the elderly to attend group activities can also help with making new friendships and social interaction with others.

Encourage To Take Care of Self

As people get older they can often forget to take care of themselves, everyday tasks like bathing and brushing teeth can be forgotten about, by encouraging the elderly to take care of themselves you are helping the individual to maintain a sense of independence. The elderly may also need reminding to drink plenty and stay hydrated during the summer, equally during the cold months you may need to remind them to pop the heating on and keep warm.

Hire Home Care Help

Home care services can help with a range of tasks, from getting the shopping in, to getting dressed, hiring home care services can ease the pressure off you, to ensure that you are able to enjoy some quality time together with your loved ones.