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Caring For The Elderly During Covid-19

It may not be our choice, but right now we’ve got to keep our distance from our senior relatives. With Covid-19 at the forefront of our day to day lives, it’s extremely important that we follow the latest guidelines and we all play our part to overcome Coronavirus. We know this is much easier said than done. Whether you’ve turned to FaceTiming loved ones or have chats from the end of the driveway, the pandemic has really altered our lives. Now it’s become the norm to stay 2 metres apart, wear masks when in shops, commuting etc and the rules are constantly changing to make sure we all stay in line with current guidelines. But for the elderly people in our lives it much more than that. We all know that the elderly have been advised to shield, and for us, it’s been difficult to watch it happen. Golden Services Care Care are of course still providing care for the elderly, but with all the precautions and PPE required.

This article isn’t to focus on the changes we’ve seen in 2020, but to highlight new ways to keep in contact with loved ones. We want you to be able to keep your elderly relatives entertained for the upcoming months and our ideas will show just how much you care and miss them. So, whether you’re looking for advice on Coronavirus for your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles or other close relatives and friends, we want to show you how much your thoughts will mean to them.

Ideas to Keep the Elderly Entertained at Home

We understand that right now all you may want to is have a hug and a cuppa with your elderly relative. So that we can try and make it sooner rather later, we all need to follow the guidelines and do our best to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. So if you’re looking for ideas to keep the elderly entertained at home, we’ve got a list to help. These ideas are designed to keep your loved ones occupied and also show just how much you’re missing them. That said, here are some of our ideas:

  • Virtual bingo – FaceTime or call your relative and play a few games (doesn’t have to be just bingo)
  • Gardening – Even though we’re heading into Autumn, it doesn’t mean you can’t get indoor plants for them to take care of
  • Board games and jigsaws – Both of these never get boring and pass the time so easily
  • Knitting or other stitch work – Whether it be for them or ask them to make you something, it’ll keep them occupied for hours
  • Painting or colouring in – This is a fantastic way to pass the time and is a great keepsake
  • Baking or cooking – No one cooks better than your parent or grandparent!
  • Decorating – Suggest painting a room or asking them to do something for you, it keeps them busy and can be enjoyable
  • FaceTime or phone calls – As simple as it sounds a phone call or message can go a really long way when someone may feel lonely
  • Reading – Jumping into a book for an hour or afternoon can be perfect on a rainy day. You can also suggest or order them new books to read, which gives you a different conversation
  • Films or TV shows – Some days it’s just needed to stick on a film or TV show and relax, it may be worthwhile suggesting something to watch for your loved one
  • Walks – Suggest taking a walk (if possible) to somewhere in the great outdoors and with nature. We’re all allowed one walk a day so where else better than doing it in the countryside
  • Whatever you think will show you love and miss them, do it! It’ll mean so much to them and can be as simple as a card or letter

Showing someone you love and miss them doesn’t have to be expensive. The saying is ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and it really does. By going out of your way to do some or a few of these ideas will mean so much to your loved one.

Professional Care for The Elderly

Golden Services Care Care are still providing personal care across: Abingdon, Didcot, Grove and Wantage. We are here to provide personal care for the elderly. With restrictions and guidelines stopping some relatives being able to provide the personal care themselves, we have seen an increase in the number of individuals we care for. This is due to the fact that people have been advised not to visit their elderly relatives.

Whether you now want professional care for your elderly relatives to protect them from the unknown or to simply ensure they’re being cared for each day, Golden Services Care Care can help. We are proud to provide personal care, care for the elderly, dementia care, end of life care and home care, so no matter the care required we’ll be there to ensure a loving, caring and passionate service.

Choose Golden Services Care Care

While you may not be able to visit your senior relatives in their home, you can still go round to see them from the bottom of the driveway or from a safe distance. But know that by choosing Golden Services Care Care for personal care for the elderly your relatives will be cared for by our passionate and caring team. For more information about our carers or our care services please don’t hesitate to contact Golden Services Care Care today.