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Importance of Home Care

Caring For People In The Home

Home care can be difficult if you try to do everything yourself, with the right carers and home support it will alleviate the pressure off you and give the resident more freedom. We offer a range of home care services and there are a number of other services available that can also support elder residents.

We’ve been listening to what people are saying and have used this information to put together an article that will provide our customers with additional support and advice. We believe that home care is one of the best options for people who don’t want to be placed in a care home.

Types of Home Care

There are many different types of home care options available to elderly residents who still live in a home environment. With the right support, people can continue to live relatively normal lives, allowing them the freedom and comfort of being in their own home.

Personal Care

Personal care is something many people need assistance with and its nothing to be ashamed of either. From washing to meals and much more, personal care can be tailored to suit a person’s specific requirements. With personal care, it’s about balancing the care required with independence. Our friendly carers will do all they can to carry out personal care without making the person feel like they can’t do it themselves.

In-House Doctor/Nurse Appointments

Getting about the house or even to the local shops can be difficult enough and travelling miles to see a doctor is likely to only make a situation worse. Many doctors surgeries can offer home appointments for the elderly or vulnerable. This isn’t just doctors either, many nurses can also provide their services in the community. Appointments are arranged during the daytime and they’ll receive the same care as they would if they visited the surgery.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is important for people of all ages, especially the elderly. However, just like seeing a doctor it can be just as difficult to see a dentist. Some dental practices can provide home visits, where they carry out a full oral health assessment, cancer screening and bone and tooth mobility assessments. Many personal carers will help to ensure residents keep good day to day oral health.

Dementia Care

We understand how difficult it can be for those suffering from dementia and those caring for them. However, with the right assistance and techniques, dementia sufferers can continue living independently for many years to come. One of the worst things for people with dementia is to pull them from their comfort zone (home). Whether an individual is feeling vulnerable or their mental capabilities are deteriorating, we can provide the support and care needed to make their lives easy. We care about the people we look after and will always do what we can to home living a suitable option for them.

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