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Golden Services Care Wantage, Grove Oxfordshire, Carers, Home Care, disability care, Family support, Dementia care, end of life care

Should you require home care services in Grove, look no further, contact Golden Services Care today. Here at Golden Services Care, we take great pride in offering a range of professional and personal home care services across the Oxfordshire area. Our home carers provide support to individuals who are in need of specialised care from their home, the care at home services that we provide enables clients to remain at their home and still be well looked after and cared for. The home based care service that we provide allows clients to still have independence while being cared for properly in the comfort of their own home. At Golden Services Care, we give all of our clients in Grove the love, care and compassion that we would give to our own family. What’s more is we offer individual care plans that are tailored to meet the individual and their needs and requirements. The home care team at Golden Services Care pride themselves on the level of care and dedication that they provide to all of their clients, and with that being said, we feel as though we should be your first point of contact when you are looking for home carers in Grove or across Oxfordshire. Our care at home plans meet the standards specified in the 2014 Care Act, which ensures that all involved with the care from loved ones to social services are informed of the plan and agree with what is put in place.

When it comes to home care services in Oxfordshire, at Golden Services Care we truly understand that all of our clients have different needs and requirements that can alter from day to day. At Golden Services Care we work with our clients in making sure all their needs are understood and cared for, the home care process will start by setting up a personal care plan, this is to make sure all of your (or your loved ones) needs and requirements are covered and met. This plan will then be put into place so that our home based care team has a clear understanding and agreed arrangement on the care plan for you as the client. As fully trained home carers in Oxfordshire, Golden Services Care will ensure that they provide care for individuals who suffer from physical disabilities or ill health, and we all make sure that each plan is altered and tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the individual, ensuring that our service users receive the best possible home care. For more information, contact Golden Services Care today, your local home care agency in Grove. 

Golden Services Care Wantage, Grove Oxfordshire, Carers, Home Care, disability care, Family support, Dementia care, end of life care

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Care

Golden Services Care Wantage, Grove Oxfordshire, Carers, Home Care, disability care, Family support, Dementia care, end of life care

We provide a full range of home based care services depending on your needs, our home carers can provide you with support for the following, getting in and out of bed, bathing and washing, preparing meals, cleaning, shopping, running errands and spending time enjoying hobbies. 

Our team of professional carers provide a range of services in your own home. This includes assistance with personal care and managing all aspects of personal hygiene. We can monitor and administer medication to give you peace of mind. We also offer meal services, shopping and domestic services and social calls that offer companionship and social trips out.


Yes, our home care assistants can provide a range of support including help with laundry, vacuuming and washing up, should you be able to complete these tasks yourself, then our home care will simply provide support and assistance where it is needed.

The minimum duration of a visit will depend on the care needs that you require, our team are more than happy to discuss your requirements and work around your care needs.  Simply get in touch with our team, we can discuss your home care needs and assess your requirements.

We carry out regular care reviews on all of our clients to ensure that their needs are still being fully met. If we identified area’s that could be changed to better support the individual, we will work with the client to alter the care plan to address this.

All of our team undergo a range of in-depth interviews before a position is given.  We also ensure that each member of the team undergoes a psychological assessment to make sure that they have the right temperament for the job.  We also make sure that we have references for each potential employee.

Golden Services Care are fully insured and registered with the Care Quality Commission. The staff at Golden Services Care are fully trained and undergo continuous updates to ensure their knowledge and skills remain up to date.

Using an agency like Golden Services means that you can trust that your loved ones will be cared for by skilled and experienced staff who also have an understanding nature and the knowledge to provide quality care.  Our team of home carers are all professionally trained and will make sure that your person-centred care is the priority.

Home Care Services in Grove

At Golden Services Care, as a home carer agency, the home care services we provide are flexible, allowing yourself or your loved ones to live safely and comfortably in the home that you know best. Whether you need a daily visit or a weekly care visit, our dedicated home carers can provide the support you need, helping you to live as independently as possible. There are a number of home care services available here at Golden Services Care and we can also provide temporary home care plans. By choosing our professional care at home colleagues, you can be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are taken care of, what’s more is that all of our services are fully regulated and compliant with the latest care standards. As one of Oxfordshire’s leading home care teams, when you choose Golden services Care, you can trust that your loved ones are in the best hands. Our home care services can be changed and adapted where necessary to meet your requirements, we’re here to fully support you with the best home help and support. 

Having been providing our home care services for a number of years, as professionals, at Golden Services Care we understand that letting someone provide care for you at home can be a very personal experience, that’s why we set the bar extremely high with regards to the standard of care that we deliver. Even the finer details of your home based care plan can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements, when you choose Golden Services Care in Oxfordshire, it’s up to you to decide on the level of care and support that you need, for as long as you want it. Whether you’re having trouble with everyday tasks, this could be getting in and out of bed, or cooking and cleaning, our home carers have got you covered. For more information on how one of our trusted home carers can support you in your own home, simply call Golden Services Care today. 

Home Carer Agency - Golden Services Care

As trusted and experienced home carers based in Grove, the Golden Services Care team will offer caring services to clients in the comfort of their own home. This allows us to cater to them with personalised care plans created for individuals who have physical disabilities, mental health problems and ill health. Our home carers take great pride in providing quality and loving care to all of the individuals that we care for, each member of the care team will work in ways different to one another, but every member of our home care team will go above and beyond in order to deliver a unique and unparalleled service to all of our clients. At Golden Services Care we aim to match service users with carers who they are comfortable with and bond with. If any of our clients in Grove are ever unhappy with the service that they are receiving, our door is always open to discuss the situation, offer impartial advice and/or step in if needed. All of our clients and their families can speak to us in confidence and we will do our best to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently so their happiness doesn’t waver. 

Care at Home Support Services

At Golden Services Care we understand that each and every one of clients is individual and unique, so will have different needs, this is why we personalised our home care service to suit each individual. At Golden Services Care we work alongside our clients to ensure that all their needs and requirements are catered for, from the initial discussion and assessment we will then put together a person-centred care plan, so that our staff and the client know and understand the service that we are providing. 

Our specialist home care plans that we provide in Oxfordshire can assist a number of individuals including:

  • People living with dementia
  • The elderly
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People living with physical disabilities
  • People who suffer from mental health problems
  • Those who are housebound through illness or hospitalisation

What does home care mean?

Home care provides extra support, companionship and reassurance that may be needed in order for you or your loved ones to continue living at home as independently as is possible. There comes a time when we all need a little extra support, whether it’s help with household chores, personal care, medication or mobility, our dedicated home care team can be on hand to provide that much needed peace of mind. The home care services that we offer in Grove can also provide the chance for you to get out and about and pursue your hobbies, interests and overall supporting living an independent life, you can also receive support while you’re on holiday or on visits to see family and friends. 

Why Choose Golden Services Care for Home Care Services?

At Golden Services Care we’re committed to supporting vulnerable people so that they can continue to live their lives with dignity and independence, as well as being active participating members of their own community, this is why we provide our home care services. As dedicated carers who aim to meet the needs of those people entrusted in our care, we recognise the need for each person fulfilment, which is why we incorporate this into our care plans and ensure that the client is at the forefront of everything we do.  When it comes to person-centred home based care, Golden Services Care in Grove is the professional home care company to call on, we provide a full support service for those in need as well as their families.

Golden Services Care Wantage, Grove Oxfordshire, Carers, Home Care, disability care, Family support, Dementia care, end of life care

For Home Care in Grove Contact Golden Services Care today

Should you be looking for home care services in Grove or the surrounding Oxfordshire areas, be sure to contact the caring team at Golden Services Care.  We have you covered for a comprehensive range of care needs. To discuss your requirements in more detail, speak to a member of the Golden Services Care team today.