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Caring for Older People at Christmas Time

Caring for Older People at Christmas Time

December is finally here and everyone’s preparations for the festive month are well underway. When it comes to older people, they may require some extra support at Christmas time, whether it’s for daily tasks, or maybe a little bit of extra planning ahead is required to relieve some pressure. Take a look at our top tips…

Christmas Decorations

Everyone who enjoys celebrating Christmas, likes to get the decorations and the Christmas tree up. Older people or people suffering with a health condition may struggle with this, so it’s always nice to offer help, but it’s also important to not make assumptions on what someone can or can’t do.

Older or less mobile people may find it difficult to get their Christmas tree out of the loft or getting out to buy one, then moving it into the house. They may also find it hard to put decorations up on the walls. By offering to help with these things, it can make a big difference.

Christmas Cards

As we all know, writing and sending Christmas cards can be a timely task and it can be a lot more difficult for an older person. If their hands are less stable and their sight is decreasing, then it’s a good idea to offer to help to write and send their cards, as well as reading the cards that they may receive.

You may have a crafty older friend or relative, so having a creative activity session that includes making your own Christmas cards could be effective. It’s also a great way for someone who is living with dementia to get involved in the activity, you can include reminiscent Christmas images as well.

Local Christmas Events

It can be harder and harder to get out and about when you have less energy or mobility, things like church services, Christmas fayres and coffee mornings could seem like a huge task, especially if the weather is bad. You can ask the person if there’s any events in particular that they would like to go to and you can assist them .

Should you know of someone whose unable to get out and see what’s happening in the local area, it can be a nice idea to have look around and let them know too. Even an outing for just one hour can make a big difference.


Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping, whether it’s for gifts or food can be hard for someone who is older and has less mobility. It could help to show an older person you know how to use the internet for shopping, they may also find it a fun way to check out the bargains they can get aswell.

Or you could offer assistance to accompany them on a trip to the shops, or help them with their grocery shopping.

Preparing for Guests

Having guests over around Christmas time is what it’s all about, so if you know someone who is alone, it’s a great idea to ask them if you can visit and spend some time with them.

Should you know someone who may appreciate a helping hand around the home to make sure they’re prepared for their guests, you could ask if they’d like any help with tidying around and getting the place ready for guests.

Christmas Lunch

Christmas day can be very lonely if there’s no family to stay with for the day, or friends nearby. Should you know someone’s who is lonely, inviting them over for their Christmas lunch is a wonderful way to help spread Christmas joy!